Scottish Rally opened by an Ecosse 205 Challenge rally car driven by Andrew Wood


The Ecosse 205 Challenge promo event at the Scottish Rally in Dumfries on 13,14 and 15th June went very well. We had a static display at the Ice Bowl in Dumfries in conjunction with Peugeot Sport on Friday - hosted by Andrew Hunter and Jane Nicol. On Saturday, Robbie Dale was out at Clatteringshaws and the Main Service at Baldoon to talk to people and hand out leaflets (accompanied by Brian Hunter and Barry Stewart's car). On Sunday there was another static display at the Ice Bowl at the end of the rally.


The Promo displays interested a lot of people but we also got a lot of mileage from the "moving" display of Andrew Wood and Andrew Pemberton in Car 0 - an Ecosse 205 Challenge spec car. If anyone was in any doubt that the wee 205 is a good car and that the MRFs are not up to the job, then they should speak to Andrew W. Starting with a brand new engine (run-in on the way down from Edin) he kept revs down for the first couple of stages. But from SS3 on he was "down a gear and up the revs". You should have seen the smile on his face at the end of each stage. He quickly found the limit of the brakes and the Quaife ATB LSD but that did not deter him.



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