David I G Barlow

Who am I?

(This is not a cry for help!!!)

I am the Co-ordinator of the Ecosse 205 Championship. I got the idea from the 205 Challenge organisers in England and I now have to make it work with the same level of success in Scotland.

For those of you who do not know me, I have been around rallying for several years (nay, decades). First time out on a rally was the 1963 Snowman!!!! And I have not got it out of my system yet. I have tried almost every job in rallying - driving, navigating, servicing, car club Chairman, Clerk of the Course etc etc. However, this is a first for me.

I do have a passion for our sport and I want to get more people out into rally cars (I was C of C of the Valentine when we ran with 180 cars and a few reserves - fantastic). I also want to see more young talent being actively encouraged. This view is shared by one of the first recruits to my organising team - Andrew Wood. Another man with a passion - and the skill to go with it. I will provide the platform and Andrew will drag the best out of you.

Basic economics dictate that the more cars we have entering rallies, the cheaper and better the rallies will get. So, get off your arse and get a Pug 205. Believe me, it does not get any better!!!


I used to drive Fords but it got so difficult to get parts and tyres!!!

I used to drive Fords before I discovered Pugs!!

Found a replacement for the old Ford on my last NZ trip!!

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